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Who Am I?

I’m Benji. In 2006, I was severely injured in a near fatal car wreck. I spent five days in a coma and woke to discover that one of my arms was completely paralyzed and the other nearly severed. I endured numerous surgeries but still carry the weight of a dead arm, have scars on my entire body, and live in constant pain. I’m lucky to have survived the crash.

Over the last decade, I have been prescribed a ton of medications. The side effects from the medications always made me feel sick and, of course, I was aware of their addictive tendencies. I quickly would build up a tolerance to these drugs – requiring prescriptions for even more drugs. It was always either up the dose, or deal with the pain.

In 2017, I found CBD through a friend. I used 200mg of 99%+ pure CBD isolate and exhaled what felt like all of the pain in my body. That experience changed my life forever. I started experimenting with making CBD products for myself. I wanted to share what I was making and told my friends to “hit me up” if they were interested... thus “CBD HMU” began.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a hemp-derived cannabinoid. It is said to be helpful for a multitude of wellness reasons. Our customers report relief from chronic pain, tattoo recovery, sore muscles and back, and a number of other physical ailments. Oh yeah, it’s known to have an incredible calming effect as well.

CBD is not a psychoactive drug. One of the biggest fears people have about trying CBD is they believe it will get them “high” and/or cause them to fail a drug test­. Neither of these are true. It does not contain the chemical compound THC, which is what causes people to feel euphoric or high when they use cannabis. CBD is considered to be a medicinal compound found in cannabis. Although, we here at CBD HMU don’t judge you for enjoying the other compounds found in cannabis.

May Help treat:

  • Inflammation
  • Pain
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Seizures
  • Spasms

And more...

Why is CBD HMU different?

CBD HMU stands apart from other companies because it was developed not as a brand but as a way for Benji to relieve his own debilitating pain. When he experienced relief from his debilitating pain he felt the need to share.

We are not a pharmaceutical company or a dispensary. We are a small group of people who have experienced the benefits of CBD first hand and want to share our experiences with others. We are committed to producing high-milligram, effective CBD products that have been battle tested by the founder himself – as well as our community.

We want our clients to not only be customers but be a part of our community. We have a Facebook group with members discussing their own experiences with CBD HMU products.


Where Can I Get It?

Hit Me Up!

We are happy to answer any questions you have about our products. Hit us up!